Order your fish from the New Inn

DELIVERING AS NORMAL – BILLINGSGATE TO YOUR PLATE DELIVERED – In addition to our fish boxes we have some extras you can add on

Shetland UK King Scallops – £30.00 per kilo
Giant Tiger Prawns – £12.00 per kilo
Large Dressed Crab – £6 each
Large Oysters – £20 for 20
Large Rope Grown Mussels – £7.50

We hand pick at Billingsgate on a Wednesday at 4am for deliveries on a Thursday

Order a fish box selection delivered...
We travel every week in the early hours to billingsgate fish market and hand pick all of our fish. We are delighted to offer a fresh fish box we will deliver to your door.

2 x 6-7oz salmon fillets steaks
2 x large sea bass fillets
16oz x king prawn crevettes
2 x 7-8oz cod/haddock fillet
2 x 6-7oz sea bream fillet
£30 (no delivery charge)

We will be collecting at 4am Thursday mornings for delivery to you on Thursdays

Please pre order your box on 01280 630010 / 01327 857306

*our fish is delivered on the day fresh and pre orders are taken for the following week. We place our requirements with our fish monger at billingsgate on Tuesdays to guarantee availability